At Confident Asset Management Limited, our independence is a cornerstone of our approach, allowing us to provide sound financial advice to help you reach your objectives.

Investment decisions are made collectively by our portfolio managers, taking into account current global trends to be as close as possible to financial markets.

Our Services

Dialogue and Advice
Wealth Analysis
Gestion de Portefeuilles
Portfolio Management

Dialogue and advice are at the heart of our services, allowing us to take the time to get to know you better and to provide you with personalized advice.

The success of portfolio management starts with a good knowledge and understanding of our clients’ needs.

Together, we analyse your wealth to identify your medium- to long-term financial objectives.

We advise and propose solutions to restructure, optimise and transfer your assets.

The regular monitoring of your wealth allows us to ensure your objectives meet your evolving needs and are adapted to changes in the economic and financial environment.

Our team, assisted by our Investment Committee, selects quality financial products, according to the profile of each client. These investments are then held in an account opened in the name of our client at one of our custodian banks. Information in respect of portfolios is accessible at any point in time on our portal.

We provide you with a detailed quarterly report, offering an overview of your portfolio. This report is also an opportunity to meet with you to discuss the evolution of your investments and review your financial objectives.

Active listening, flexibility, transparency, innovation, independence and responsiveness, are key to our portfolio management services.”